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You actually want to know about me? Why? Well, whatever. Here's everything you've ever wanted to know about me and probably much much more. I am 18 yrs old and a freshman at Michigan Technological University. I am currently studying geology. I plan to finish my education at University of Hawaii with a doctorate in volcanology. I love outdoor sports and learning all sorts of utterly useless crap. How do you think I have a web site this big?
One thing I like to do is teach people lots of cool stuff. That is the whole point of this web site. This isn't commercial or anything. It's just me wanting to help you people out. I love to ski and play ice hockey. I like to go sledding, but it's only fun if the hill is so treacherous that you crash every time. I run track and cross-country, but am currently taking a little vacation as I attempt to recover from a bout of arthritis. Hopefully medication will take care of that. Basically I like anything that invokes adrenaline. I am a member of ridge roamers, but a series of hand injuries and a broken toe have kept me from becoming certified for the rock climbing. I also enjoy paint balling, football, soccer, baseball, and street hockey.
A little more about myself? Well, I like to think that I'm somewhat smart. I've always gotten great grades (though that really reflects how hard you work.). My big problem now is staying awake through the horribly boring and slow college courses that is only worsened by my narcolepsy. To escape from the mindless memorization and recanting of classes, I've turned to books and internet to expand my knowledge. I've always loved books, reading Crichton at the age of ten, London, Shakespeare, Koontz, and King at eleven, and toward the second half of my high school career, I took up the study of advanced theories such as quantum theory and elements of physics and geology. At 16 I read A Brief History of Time by Stephen W. Hawking. Since then I have taken it upon myself to get to know as much of science as possible. At seventeen I began heavily researching the theory of evolution and was repulsed by how inaccurate, misleading, and inconclusive it was. All my life I had been taught that this was a solid science, but found it to be nothing more than a belief that requires massive amounts of faith. That cried religon to me. One purpose of this web site is to enlighten people to the severe downfalls of this religon.
So now you know quite a bit about me. Go ahead and read my interview that occured just a few short weeks ago.

Interviewer: You look a little nervous. Are you ok?
Me: Actually, I think I left my car running. Could you give me a moment?
Interviewer: Welcome back.
Me: Thanks
Interviewer: Was your car ok?
Me: Yeah, it was turned off
Interviewer: Ok, well lets get started...
Me: Wait a second...
Interviewer: First off, could you tell me why you decided to create Information Central?
Me: Hold on...yeah. I was incredibly bored.
Interviewer: Seriously...
Me: Seriously! I was at college and had absolutely nothing at all to do. I mean MTV's great, but it gets tiring after a while. I'm not much of a partier either. Up here, drinking is an official winter sport, and for a guy who doesn't drink it's kind of hard when friday night rolls around. So I went to the computer lab a lot and one day I decided it'd be nice to learn html and have a little web page. So I taught myself html in a couple of hours and started with a page. At first it wasn't even Information Central. It was just "Craig's Generic Web Page." Not too catchy, huh? Well, the next page I wanted to do was on volcanology, this being my favorite subject. So I decided of course to make a page. This page turned out to be way too long so I made it into three. Then I decided to take it a step further and go into geochemistry...then geophysics...astrophysics...geomorphology...and then evolution. The final turned out to be by far the largest because it contains so many flaws. It took a while to write all the ones I knew. Soon my page turned into a site and I realized that my generic name just wasn't going to be enough so I thought real hard for the next 20 seconds and came up with the new name.
Interviewer: You seem to have some cool stuff on your site such as a search engine and a scrolling status bar. General stuff like that. Are you saying that you wrote all that?
Me: Oh, heck no! Now you're talking about javascripts and cgi's. That is way over my head. I got about far enough in my cs class to make a box change colors as it moves. That's about it. I certainly took care of all the html myself, but the javascripts and cgi's were all taken from sources and modified for my site.
Interviewer: So saying you did this all by yourself is sort of misleading, isn't it?
Me: Shut up
Interviewer: Now how did you learn all this crap?
Me: Hey! Didn't you read what I just wrote? Come on!
Interviewer: Sorry. Ummm... why is it you are so interested in...well, everything?
Me: I don't know. I guess you can never really know enough. I enjoy knowing what's going on and occasionally lettin' other people know too. And I'm not interested in everything. At one time I couldn't stand biology. In fact, it was at the original time I wrote this interview. Since then I have been studying microbiology and other related fields. It seems to be growing on me.
Interviewer: So you wrote this just to inform people? No alterior motive?
Me: Hey, you're starting to catch on. That's right. No commercial value.
Interviewer: I've heard that you've created a new theory. Could you tell me a little about that.
Me: Sure, but just a little. It's called the Big Water Theory. It thoroughly explains the flood of Genesis scientifically and describes the processes that God may have chosen to basically cover the Earth in water. It explains why the Earth looks the way it does today and how the flood may have happened. It comprises geophysics, nuclear physics, astrophysics, geology, extinction theories...I don't know what that's called...
Interviewer: Why'd you choose to name it the Big Water Theory? It sounds almost unscientific. Too simple.
Me: I figured that a simple name would be much easier to remember. Remember that this theory was not created solely for the scientists, but for just regular people like you and me. An alternative name I was considering was the Nuclear Flood Theory, but then I'd be having problems remembering that myself. I like the Big Water Theory. Almost impossible to forget. You can find out more about it at my web site after it is released in January of 2000. God willing, this site won't be wiped out by Y2K and there won't be any problem. If it's already out, you'll know by the home site. I promise to make it obvious.
Interviewer: So you believe in God? Is that hard? I mean to believe in God and study science at the same time?
Me: What do you mean?
Interviewer: Well...I...
Me: I find that the more I study science, the more strongly I beleive in God. The evidence for His presence is overwhelming. Since I've undertaken this mission I have become much closer to Him.
Interviewer: So you don't believe that science is contradicting the Bible?
Me: No. I find that it supports the Bible better than Aetheist theories. How many times a week do those things get revised? I've never had to revise the bible before.
Interviewer: Some people suggest that the bible supports evolution. What do you think about this?
Me: That's just moronicy and people who have no idea what they're talking about. No.1, you have to believe that God did a crappy-ass job of doing things to begin with and that he either relied on random chance to fix his mistakes, or he was editing his mistakes over billions of years. I like to think that my omnipotent father isn't such a screw up. Educated people are either evolutionists or christians. There is no in between. Actually that kind of makes every one else look like an idiot or me look bigotted. I believe other religons are wrong, but I'm sure there are educated people in those too, of course. I'm just trying to say you can't be an educated christian and an evolutionist at the same time. Educated and intelligent that is.People just tried to blend the two because they were taught their entire lives that evolution is a fact (which it isn't)and wanted the best of both worlds. People who believe that the Bible supports evolution usually have very limited knowledge of both evolution and the Bible.
Interviewer: Well, I think you covered that one quite thoroughly...
Me: Yeah, I know. Got any more questions for me?
Interviewer: No, I'm pretty well dry.
Me: Good, I think I left my iron on. Adios!
Interviewer: Yeah, see ya...

This interview never actually took place. Quite frankly no one cares enough to interview me. That's all you really need to know about me. Actually, probably a lot more. I hope you enjoy and find Information Central to be quite useful and educational. I'm constantly updating it to serve you in the most thorough manner possible.
See Ya!