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Come To Houghton
Here's the plan. I'm going to have my house all to my self starting July 14 through the end of the summer term. You're invited to come up and stay as long as you like.
Why am I doing this? Unfortunately I have a chronic fear of boredom. I really don't have any friends up here right now so I need people I know. This is like a vacation from your vacation. Never mind, that sounds like work. Perhaps an extra vacation in the middle of your vacation. Leave your parents and the dishes behind and come up to the UP and laugh at our accents. I guarantee you'll have a good time.

When should you come up? Whenever you like! That's the beauty of it. You can come up whenever you want between July 14 and August 20. It doesn't matter. As I said before, you can stay as long as you want; a day or a week...or longer if you like.

Here are the rules:That's it. If you choose to break this rule and get drunk, the following will happen: This will all be done, not out of punishment, but because I am an evil and sadistic person who will find torturing you hilarious. Since this is a college town, alcohol will be almost as accessible as Oscoda.

So what are the directions? Good question. It's probably a good thing you asked.

Take US 23 up to the Mackinac Bridge. This should take you about 2.5-3 hrs, depending on how fast you drive.

After crossing the bridge, change highways at the 344B Exit.

Merge into I-75 (you're going towards Manistique and Escanaba).

I-75 turns back into US 2 real quick.

65 miles later, you turn right onto MI-77

After 17 miles, you turn left on MI-28

After 62 miles, MI-28 turns into M-28; don't worry about it.

11 miles later, you turn onto US-41. Stay on it until you get to Houghton.

Bring a map with you. It's 2.5-3 hours from the bridge to Marquette (depending on how fast you drive) and 2 hours from Marquette to here, no matter what. I live right across from the Super 8. If anyone decides to come, I'll give extra directions for Houghton. Don't worry, getting here is a whole lot simpler than it sounds (I guarantee). Let me know a week in advance if you decide to come. I'll start making plans and will probably call you. If you decide to come up, take your time. It's a beautiful area; make a few stops.

And please come! I need to do something with somebody this summer!

Craig McClarren