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Response to Charles Darwin

Were you aware that at Tripod, you now have the ability to GET RID OF THE POPUPS.

Yes, but the alternative is embedded adds at the top and these can be incredibly annoying and can't clicked out of the way. The ones with rapidly flashing colors are the worst. I honestly couldn't keep concentrated on pages when the adds were still there. I figure one click to get rid of them is worth it. I tried putting on a javascript to get rid of the pop-ups, but it worked for two days before it was bypassed by tripod.

Response to Bob Puharic

>>Although your page is laughable, since you're a creationist...

Thank you for stating your anti-religious scientific bigottry right out in the open. Most people try to avoid simply stating this in order to save face.

>>you have at least 2 GLARING errors: 1. the big bang. you say galaxies in our region are unevolved. that's wrong. galaxies at much further distances at ages of about 13 Byrs show much more gas than our do

Well, you changed the wording on that a bit. I believe the portion you were refering to was the following: Also, you should know that the shape of galaxies in our region of the universe are extremely underdeveloped considering the age of the universe.

Now, my statement made no reference to gas, although I'm sure it could have. The fact is that all galaxies should exist in some form of spiral disc since this is the natural course of a rotating object. This is not the case, however. After 20 billion years, it should be very uniform, in the way of galaxies, however it is not. Now, some anomalies may be explained by interactions between galaxies, but certainly not all or most.

As for gases, nebulae are extremely common no matter where you go. I am extremely curious as to how you know this, because galaxies from 13 billion light years come up, at best, as smudged dots in both earth based and orbitting telescopic photographs.

>>there are few spiral galaxies. it's obvious there's been galactic evolution

I'll assume you're talking about those far reaches of space? Once again, I'm very interested to know your source. Here's a picture of the hubble deep feild. Can I assume you are talking about those tiny dots in the background? Everything whose shape is discernable appears to be some form of spiral. Here's a picture of some "young galaxies." Now, please demonstrate how you know these galaxies hold a greater gas content than our own and point out the number of galaxies you can find that are not spiral shaped. I found one that was questionable and a pair that seem to be colliding. The evidence doesn't seem to support your assertion at all.

2. bombadier beetle. your example about the reaction inhibitor is wrong. no one uses this anymore since these 2 chemicals do not react explosively on mixing.

Well, I'm not sure you're correct on this, bob. If you feel that you are then I would suggest you do the following:
1: Contact publisher McGraw Hill and notify them that Chemistry 6th Edition, by Raymond Chang, copyright '98, contains erroneous material regarding the Bombardier Beetle on page 221. Make sure you let them know that the section is entitled How a Bombardier Beetle Defends Itself and that all chemical and heat formulas recorded in that section are flawed and incorrect. It is in Chapter 6, entitled Thermochemistry, and section 6, entitled Heat of Solution and Dilution. McGraw would probably be very pleased to hear this information before they brainwash thousands more people next term.
2: Contact Michigan Technological University and let them know that the books they have used for the past three years for CH101, CH102, and CH103 contain erroneous material. I would specifically contact the Chemistry Dept. I'm sure they would be happy to find this information out.

You need to get some science under your belt. It's obvious your religious beliefs have destroyed your objectivity.

Why, I do believe I recognize that voice...Well if it isn't wf3h, my old pal from Talk.Origins, how ya doin' champ! If it wasn't for the e-mail address I would have taken you for your average moron, but there's nothing average about you at all! Thank you for visiting my site and leaving your comments. If you find any more "errors" be sure to let me know, will ya?

As always, yours in Science...