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This article has been written as a rebuttal to the article or series of articles entitled Transitional Vertebrate Fossils Faq that can be found at Talk.Origins Archives.
This was written by Kathleen Hunt. Emboldened text displays excerpts from her articles. Because this article is so long it has been converted to a series.
Because there is little evidence to start her article off, I will skip over most of the introduction with the exception of a few points.

Predictions of creationism: Creationists usually don't state the predictions of creationism, but I'll take a stab at it here. First, though there are several different sorts of creationism, all of them agree that there should be no transitional fossils at all between "kinds". For example, if "kind" means "species", creationism apparently predicts that there should be no species-to-species transitions whatsoever in the fossil record. If "kind" means "genus" or "family" or "order", there should be no species-to-species transitions that cross genus, family, or order lines. Furthermore, creationism apparently predicts that since life did not originate by descent from a common ancestor, fossils should not appear in a temporal progression, and it should not be possible to link modern taxa to much older, very different taxa through a "general lineage" of similar and progressively older fossils.

This is a great example of the highly ignorant and prejudicial views of many evolutionists as to creationism. Let me take her first incorrect statement: "there should be no transitional fossils at all between "kinds"." This is a statement that deliberately portrays creationists as ignorant. It is not the existence of these animals that we call strongly into question. It is their relatedness to one another. Many types of cars look very similar to one another. Does that mean that they evolved from a common source? Of course not! It strongly suggests, however, the existence of a creator. It is my personal belief that it is the habit of mankind to look for patterns in nature. This is why, in my opinion, scientists often believe that these species are linked. The final statement made is indeed true.